Introducing Naia Jiménez Polo: Business Development Manager

NIMBLE is a company that thrives on the unique contributions of each of its associates. To learn more about their personal motivations and recognize their unique contributions, we are taking the time to spotlight each incredible member of our team. Naia Jiménez Polo has been the Business Development Manager at NIMBLE for just two months, but she has already invested herself in the brand mission and made invaluable contributions to our cause. 


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In her early education, Naia was always interested in the sciences: everything from biology to physics and math. When starting her education at the University of Barcelona, she chose one discipline that piqued her interest by incorporating each of these sciences: biomedical engineering. During her studies, she took inspiration from her father, a professor in statistics, mother, a nurse, and sister who has a PhD in biology – but also did research independently on women in STEM, to gain familiarity with more female role models. 

Before completing her graduate degree in 2019, she participated in various internships and trainee programs to complement her academic studies, most relevant one in the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. Following graduation, she transitioned into full-time professional life in consulting while concurrently pursuing a master’s degree in health economics and pharmacoeconomics from UPF Barcelona School of Management. Despite the initial draw to medicine and engineering, she describes the push she felt to work in her current sector, saying: “My studies are in science, but my passion is in health innovation and technology transfer.

Early contributions

Before joining the team at NIMBLE, she was working as the Head of the life sciences department for Inveniam Group, which she was a part of for four and a half years. It was through this venture that she became familiar with NIMBLE’s CEO, Dr. Oriol Iborra. She was in charge of the business and financial plan for NIMBLE and applied for several public funding grants that made many company initiatives possible. Notably, the recent EIC Accelerator grant that NIMBLE acquired last fall was part of Naia’s ongoing project through Inveniaam Group. Naia describes how working with Oriol influenced her: “He’s the kind of person I want to become in the future… he combines perfectly both worlds: the business and technology and science.” With the sustained growth of the company from the grants it received, NIMBLE was able to take Naia on as a full-time employee early this year.

A member of our team

Naia’s determination, industry knowledge, and ability to cultivate relationships make her the perfect fit for her position at NIMBLE. All the while, she recognizes the accomplished individuals NIMBLE surrounds her with. In addition to being inspired by Oriol, she notes Susanna’s personal connection to the problem NIMBLE is solving, and continual dedication toward product development as a pivotal contribution. She also expresses her respect for Pol and Andres for the work they have accomplished in their respective fields. In her interview, she said, “I’m learning a lot from Andres since he has so much experience in commercialization of cardiovascular devices and knows how to handle interactions with different key stakeholders.”

Looking ahead at the career ahead of her and the trajectory of the outstanding company she is grateful to be a part of, Naia tells us: “Imagine NIMBLE 5, 10 years down the road… a career goal for me would be to bring this technology to patients and make it a reality.”


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