The NIMBLE System is a first in class microwave-based medical device that allows the continuous, non-invasive, non-ionizing monitoring of patients with implanted stents

The NIMBLE System will be the first point-of-care device to accurately measure and quantify stent malfunction, allowing patients to be monitored over time. This will introduce a new standard of care for patients with implanted stents.

The NIMBLE System
will provide 3 main benefits

  • 01. To monitor patients over time identifying problems early on, enabling personalisation of therapy and decreasing mortality, heart attack incidence and hospitalization rates in these patients.
  • 02. At the moment of implantation to verify that the stent is functioning properly before discharging the patient.
  • 03. Substitute all screening angiographies that some hospitals still perform at 6 months of follow up to gain information on the status of the sent

Detecting the problem early

We help clinicians in diagnosing on time typical stent complications such as blockages or fractures before symptoms even appear. Nimble System allows: