To improve the quality of life for millions of patients with medical implants worldwide by reducing clinical complications

Mission and values

Supporting cardiovascular patients and clinicians by developing non-invasive diagnostic technologies

  • Mission Improve quality of life reducing clinical complications for patients with medical implants worldwide
  • Vision To become the world's leading diagnostic company for implanted devices
  • Values

    Create technology that matters

    Patient-oriented solutions require problems to be approached differently. Our inter-disciplinary teams work towards a common goal, deliver disruptive R&D to solve non-addressed clinical needs.

    Equality of opportunity and diversity

    Regardless of their background, every person has the potential to contribute invaluable talent. As part of our internal processes, we identify and reward talent accordingly, providing a nurturing environment where they can grow and thrive.


    In order to generate value for all stakeholders, we are developing environmentally friendly products and employing our resources responsibly.

¨The NIMBLE System will be the first Point-of-care (POC) non-invasive device to accurately measure and quantify stent malfunction, allowing patients to be monitored over time independently of the stent’s location.

The NIMBLE System will introduce a new standard of care for patients with implanted stent/s, supporting us, clinicians, at three specific points of the patient journey expecting a decrease of mortality, heart attack incidence and hospitalization rates in these patients¨.

Antoni Bayés Genís MD
Global Cardiovascular Key Opinion Leader
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