Coma-ruga 2023: NIMBLE Diagnostics Presents Technology


CTO of NIMBLE Diagnostics, Susana Amoros, presents at the Coma-ruga 2023

The Coma-ruga workshop and conference focuses on microwave research and innovations. Her application to present NIMBLE Diagnostics’ history and development technology was accepted out of many, a feat to be celebrated. The official workshop consists of 50 invited talks on various uses and recent developments in microwave technology and applied science.  Susana presented regarding utilizing microwaves for non-invasive stent monitoring in both ex vivo and in vivo, in which she was a co-founder in the establishment of NIMBLE Diagnostics with this new technology and engineering they have been working on since 2017. She went in depth with the process of NIMBLE establishment and foundation and how NIMBLE’s technology will impact the current medical treatment of cardiovascular disease. NIMBLE Diagnostics continues to display its innovation as the Coma-ruga 2023 workshop supports the innovation and development of technology in microwave research.