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E-nnova Health 2022 Award Winner: NIMBLE Diagnostics

E-nnova Health Award NIMBLE Diagnostics was recognized once more for its innovation and revolutionary technology. At the Pablo XI Foundation in Madrid, Spain, CEO of NIMBLE Diagnostics Dr. Oriol Iborra Egea accepted the 2022 E-nnova Health Award in honor of NIMBLE’s innovation in medical technology and drive to save lives through preventative medicine. Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date on our transformative journey. …

NIMBLE Diagnostics Innovation: Healthcare Investment Forum

NIMBLE Diagnostics presents at the Healthcare Investment Forum NIMBLE Diagnostics’ innovation was presented once more at another medical conference highlighting new technology in the medical field. At the 31st Barcelona Healthcare Investment Forum organized by Biocat, Barcelona Medical Association (COMB), Barcelona-Activa-Barcelona City Council, and ESADE-BAN. NIMBLE Diagnostics was one of the eight companies chosen to present and represent innovation in present-day medicine. …